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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Haagen-Dasz for your Christmas gathering venue!

Dessert is always a favorite dish for everyone.
Have you tried Haagen-Dazs?
Haagen-Dazs fondue is always a perfect dessert you have to hang out with besties.

What it has in this fondue?
Every fondue comes with:
Four mini scoops of Belgian Chocolate
Four mini scoops of Strawberry
Four mini scoops of Cookies & Cream
Four mini scoops of Vanilla
Eight cubes of sponge cake
Three pieces of hard cookies
Four pieces of Love Letter
Fresh fruits
Hot chocolate sauce

Top it off with the perfect finishing touch.

You can choose any one topping:
• Chocolate sprinkle
• Almond flakes
• Almond nibs

The ice-cream taste and the level of sweetness is always a signature taste of Haagen-Dazs.
No doubt. It tastes good if you are a chocolate lover! 
The chocolate sauce match with strawberry or vanilla ice-cream is the best match for me.
Let's hang out with friends and family in Haagen-Dazs!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cymatics by Nigel Stanford

Hello peeps!
Just a simply sharing with you guys on a very cool physics performance!
Cymatics: Science vs. Music by Nigel Stanford

This is a very cool performance/ music video that I never watched before.

What is Cymatics?
According to Wikipedia, it is the study of visible sound co vibration. Different patterns will emerge in the excitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and driving the frequency.
Click and watch it! Seriously, it is impressive!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Korea's Milkcow organic softserve ice-cream in Malaysia!

it sounds so familiar huh? Heard it before?
Tried it?
No? Seriously?
Come on! You should try it at least once!
It is Korean soft serve ice-cream and it is so hit in Malaysia.
You will need to queue up for the ice-cream!
Where is it? 
It is located in Mid Valley~
It is nearby cold storage! 
It is well-constructed with organic milk and crowned with toppings!
It is so deliciously smooth and it is mild-tasting ice-cream! Suitable for everyone..
Not too sweet! It is perfectly nice~

The Milkcow ice-cream_Lee Jong Seok.

What is the signature?
Yea! The famous would be ice-cream with honeycomb!
the honeycomb is from local farms and it is fresh!
the price would be between RM 11- RM14
Of course it has variety of choices. You can try the others but I personally fall in love with 
the honeycomb ice-cream.

We were here again to try out the Milkcow in the last weekend!
Endless topics we can chat from day till night..
Ahaha~ This called friends.
No Fake, Be True.
Real to reveal our personality with each others at least till the last of the day!

Good day!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Desa Park City Run 2014

Yea~ This is my second marathon
Park City Marathon 10KM.
Well, not that crowded than Standard Chartered Run but still many contestants.
Many runners get ready in the early morning! so I am.

Only 4 of us joined the marathon. Well, it was still fun!

After you finished the run, you can get your cereal + milk from the counter. So lovely~

Our Medal! Aha~~~~
This is the last marathon i joined in 2014. Guess my back bone get injured after the run.
Need times to heal back.. Anyway, Keep going on next year!
I will join Men's Health run on next year! Yay!

(; Keep on going no matter how! :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

My First Marathon in my life - Standard Chartered Marathon

Few weeks ago, I've joined Standard Chartered Marathon
and Yea! This is the first time ever in my life.
I've joined 10KM with colleagues and our game rule is need
to finish it in one and 15 minutes.
Well! I've made it! Like seriously.. I made it!
I wake up in the early morning, 5am and rush to LRT station 
to Masjid Jamek. U know what? It is crowded! Like all of orang PJ joined the run.
The train is packed like sandwich. No doubt, it is fully 100% full in the train.
And all in Green colour, if your friend lost in that moment, please give up to find your friend.
Because you are not manage to find.. because all is wearing in green tshirt.

When I reached to Masjid Jamek, saw quite a number of peoples at there.

See the crowded? It is still ok in the picture.

They are my Senior Manager- Shuba & SK

The night view of the Masjid Jamek is quite nice.. 


Selfie and selfie

The video man is ready at the finish line.. So imba and professional!

Just the half of the Innity team.

Getting started..

Yea... This is mostly the whole big team!

Yea... The whole Innity team!


touching when u reached the finish line. What i want to share is,
"Believe in yourself, You can make it if you trust you can!"
This is my experience.. Right now, I have the motivation to join the next one and so I joined Park City Marathon last month. 
The result is much improved but I'm still not satisfy my performance. Well, it is a long term competition in my life compete with myself.
I learned "No matter what, keep running and moving on, you will reach the finish line in the end."
No lie yet it is the fact I believed.

Surprised to meet Tian Chad in the marathon. Happy to see him after we chat
for so many times. Finally! Haha!


Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Abolish Death Penalty Campaign #Givelifea2ndchance

Hi readers, we come to discuss / think a serious and sensitive issue today. Yea~ This issue has two sides of perspective and different view. Yes/ No, it is depends on how you think and view the whole situation.

I went to a campaign organized by Amnestry International Malaysia last few weeks, Abolish The Death Penalty campaign. In conjunction with the World Day against the Death Penalty Give Life A Second Chance Exhibition.

Toshi Kazama, who is a New York-based photographer whose searing portraits of death row have touched the minds and hearts of people all over the world. Having been a victim of violence when he was attached on the street in 2003, which left him comatose for four days, Toshi now dedicates his life to abolishing the death penalty. He has presented his photographs and their subjects’ stories throughout the U.S., and Europe and in several Asian countries. In Japan, Toshi helped to start the victims’ organization Ocean. Through his presentations and exhibitions against the death penalty, Toshi shares the immeasurable value of human life; and the need for mutual respect and understanding for one another.

Some of the peoples might think that “Murderer killed the victim, he/she should sentence to death immediately!” . From my view, Yes, murderer killed people, but still need to depends on what/ how was the case happened. Most of the times many murder cases are followed by the past cases as an example. What if the case like this.. A Loy case.

Loy, a welder, was arrested in 2002 for a the murder of his wife. Loy was watching TV with family when his wife who suffered from depression tried to kill him. He managed to stop her and he then continued to watch TV. Shortly after, Loy’s wife attached him again and in the process of self-defense, he accidentally killed his wife without him realizing it. Loy on came to know that he had killed his wife when he was detained in police custody.

What do you think?  Should sentence to death?

After that case, Loy has spent 12 years in Jail and is seeking clemency from the Pardons Board after the Federal Court rejected his final appeal. The victim’s family forgave Loy many years ago and hopes he can be spared the gallows so that his two daughters would have their father back.

The issue of Death Penalty In Malaysia. What do you think?

According to Amnesty International Malaysia,
It is a capital punishment, or the death penalty, is a legal form of punishment under Malaysian law which is based upon British Common Law from colonial times. In 1983, the Malaysian government introduces the mandatory death penalty for drug-related offences. The death penalty is a mandatory punishment in Malaysia for murder, drug trafficking, treason and waging war against the monarchy. Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan and South Sudan try to hide their use of death penalty as a form of punishment by carrying it out in near total secrecy. Is death penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights? Should government abolish the death penalty?
A day in the life of a death row inmate. 7am- The inmate’s day begins with a head count. If the inmate misses it, the inmate is punished by having to stay in his cell for a week. 7.30am- The warden brings the inmate breakfast. The inmate then showers and does his laundry in his cell as they are not allowed outdoors. 10am- The inmate is allowed out of his individual cell into the hallway. He/She is allowed just half an hour to socialize with five other inmates there. The inmates either exercise in the hallway/ play checkers and chess during this time. This is a privilege which is taken away by the wardens should the inmate misbehave/ miss a head count.  11am- The warden brings the inmate lunch. 2pm- Another head count is conducted before the inmate is allowed another half an hour out of his individual cell to mingle with row mates. 5.30pm- Dinner is served. After dinner, inmate then settles down alone for the evening awaiting the start of the next day. This routine is repeated daily until the inmate is executed. In Malaysia, practices secret executions- The inmate, his family and public are kept in the dark for years as to when he will be executed.

Is secret execution is akin to mental torture?

Iwao Hakamada, Japan. He was a factory worker in his 30’s in Japan’s Honshu Island when he was sentenced to death in 1968. He had not long retired from a career as a featherweight boxing champion- ranking as high as sixth in Japan. Because of his boxing career, Hakamada was painted as a violent criminal by the Japanese media at the time of his arrest. Initially, Hakamada confessed to the murder of his boss’ and his family after 20 days of interrogation by police without legal representation. During his trial, he retracted his confession and testified that the police had beaten and threatened him to force him to sign a confession. Iwao Hakamada, now 78, spent 46 years on death row not knowing if each day would be his last. As a result, Hakamada suffers from poor mental and physical health. Well, the lack of transparency surrounds the use of death penalty in several countries. Executions are not announced to the public before/ after they are carried out. Imagine living in a 8’x6’ cell up to 23 hours a day not knowing if each day would be their last..

Another story from Malaysia.

Shahrul, the fifth of nine children, was arrested in 2003 by the poilice for trafficking 622g of cannabis, Shahrul was just 18 years 6 months then. He was working at his uncle’s food stall at the time to help alleviate his family’s financial burden whilst waiting to further his studies in Banting College.
High Court Judge said although Shahrul was below the age of 21 when arrested, he had to impose the death sentence as it was mandatory for drug trafficking offences. Shahrul has spent 11 years in prison, having his final appeal rejected by the Federal Court in 2012 and is currently seeking clemency from the Pardons Board.

Do you know better of Death Penalty? 

What is your view to Death Penalty now? Should it be a punishment/ be abolished?

I remember when I visiting this campaign organized by my friend’s campaign, she asked me a question. “What do you think death penalty” Should be abolished?” I answered Yes! directly. The first sense comes from my mind. I don’t know how was the case happened and I don’t want to know. Because it is not a fairytale story yet sad ending. I don’t think death penalty is a way to sentence a prisoner and secret executions is a mental torture. I always believed that every case should has another effective punishment but not death penalty. Yes. They should be punished heavily but not ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights.  Think twice. #givelifea2ndchance 

Friday, November 7, 2014

KEDAI_CO & KEDAI SEBELAH @ Kelana Jaya visitation.

Is the picture nice? 

It is all made by good quality palletwood from oversea.
The most important thing that you need to know is
all the products are all DIY. 

Some of the drawing is their Uni assignment.
Seriously, they are quite talented in art sense and the creativity.

I always like abstract drawing.
Something & somewhere you know & you don't know.
This is the unique of a drawing. 
It is all depends on different people with different view.

They are doing/ selling DIY furniture like table, chairs, TV console, cabinet, etc etc..
Besides all the huge things, they are also did some little and cute DIY pencil box, photo frame,
card holder, pencil holder and something you can customized.

Yea~ They open daily and they will rent a space for any event.
If you want to do any art exhibition/ mini concert, music gathering or anything that
you think it is suitable to held at Kedai_Co, you may pay a visit or contact them.

They are friendly enough to serve anyone. And yes, we did chat alot.. 

Feel free to pay a visit and drop your big name here!

This is their workplace behind a wooden wall. Well, it is not bad thou.
I like their work place. It is more like a home than a work place.
This place is only for them to have a meeting/ discussion/ produce a mini woody products.
For big and huge furniture, they have a factory in Sungai Buloh.
Seriously, when I visiting Kedai_CO, I feel it is creative yet cozy place to exhibit your art production.
Suitable for University students to present their artwork here or presentation. 

KEDAI_CO. It is located at
D-G-03, JALAN SS6/20A,
(Opposite of Paradigm Mall, Behind of Giant Mall.)

You can contact them at 
Or Call
RIZAL SUFAR 012- 390 2988
IZAT ARIF 012- 302 0595


Come, let's have a cold joke & guess!!

Kedai_co called as Kedai
then how we call the cafe beside of Kedai?

It's Kedai Sebelah ! 
Haha.. I know it is kind of cold. Well~ let's move on.

When the first step I stepped into Kedai Sebelah,
I notice the interior design, the ambiance is much different from the other cafe.
The design is more to artistic, simple but homey feel to customers.

All the furniture is DIY by palletwood.

This is the cool art they draw on the wall.
Like this wall drawing so much.

The other side of the seat. They also displayed some Malaysia oldish decoration thingy
It is kind of vintage in the other way.

The ambiance.. simple and just nice. Not much additional effect but just comfortable!

The oldish thingy for display.. classic~

Cup cake ice-cream. I never tried before. But will go to try it out some day again.

The price is not expensive.
Female Mag did advertised their shop as well.
The cheap sets under RM15 in KL.
So, no doubt. It surely affordable price for everyone.

I've ordered a Nasi Lemak + Syrup set.
Guess how much?

It is only RM 5 per set ! Even you eat in Mamak. 
Nasi Lemak also cost you RM5 + Limau Ais RM1.20
So, this is the reason why I said the price is cheaper than you go to Mamak.
But the portion is not that big. RM5, don't expect RM7 portion ya. 
They will rugi tau? Hahaha!

This portion is just fine for me. The taste is nice! I would rank it 6/10.

established by the same owner. 
At first the owner opened Kedai_co but after that
they are also interested to open a cafe and this is why Kedai Sebelah is here.
Well, when you pass by Kelana Jaya, Dataran Glomac
Feel free to visit their kedai and try out their cafe!
Who knows, you will like it as well.